Quality Catering in Calgary


Hot Sandwich

Office Catering

Breakfast and lunch catering packages perfect for meetings, trips and other corporate functions.

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Olivella Wedding

Event Catering

Whether you are celebrating your special day or looking to 'just host a party', we will cater to your exact needs.

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Stampede Grill

Stampede Catering

2019 Stampede is just around the corner. We have you covered for all of your stampede catering needs.

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Our Promise


Olivella Events & Catering brings together ingredients that make a restaurant successful into the event management and catering world. We ensure that every dish, every table and every room is presented with the utmost care for detail. Our staff provide an unmatched brand of hospitality at every event. We work with you to create a sense of uniformity between your venue, your food, and most importantly, how our staff tends to your guests.  Like a quality restaurant, we want you and your guests to feel the food, ambiance, and service in the room working in harmony.

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